ADBLUE pump regeneration

Regeneracja pomp Adblue 1

ADBLUE Pump Regeneration

– Trade name 32.5% high purity aqueous urea solution. A product used in the automotive industry as a reductant to break down environmentally harmful nitrogen oxides in the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst. In SCR technology, AdBlue is directed under high pressure into the exhaust gas stream in the catalytic converter, where the reduction of nitrogen oxides harmful to the atmosphere into nitrogen (in the form of two-atomic molecules) and water takes place[2].

AdBlue is not a substance classified as hazardous or dangerous to the environment. It is also not flammable, explosive, or harmful to health. AdBlue consumption is the equivalent of approx. 4-5% of the amount of diesel used, depending on the type of engine (

Benefits of using AdBlue fluid:

Benefits of using AdBlue fluid:

AdBlue is corrosive, so special tanks, pumps, hoses and guns are needed to distribute it.

At temperatures below -11.5 °C, it undergoes a crystallization process. Although the crystallization process is a reversible process, it causes many technical problems, making it unsuitable for use and distribution. The residual solution has a lower concentration, the settled crystals clog the installations, and the layers of crystallized urea at the bottom of the tanks are difficult to dissolve.

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