Regeneration of turbochargers

Regeneracja turbosprezarek

Repair of all types of turbochargers

Regeneration of turbochargers with fixed and variable blade geometry is a guarantee of high quality and savings while maintaining parameters comparable to a brand-new part.

increasingly stringent requirements for exhaust gas emission standards and the need to produce dynamic drive units with small capacity and low fuel consumption mean that today the turbo is found not only in diesel engines but also in gasoline-powered engines. The highly sensitive component operating at well over 100,000 rpm is sensitive to fuel, lubricant quality, and driving style. Also, the materials from which the most important elements of the turbine are made are destroyed over time. In the event of a failure, the best solution is the professional regeneration of turbochargers. Professional, i.e. carried out using branded spare parts and in a workshop equipped with appropriate measuring devices.

Regeneration of Turbochargers in Mielec

Professional regeneration of turbochargers with fixed and variable vane geometry begins with a reliable diagnosis. This stage is followed by disassembly. The next step is to clean all the components and thoroughly verify the moving parts and the housing.

Then sandblasting is carried out. Only then do we proceed to further control combined with accurate measurements balancing of the rotating system, replacement of seals and bearings, assembly of the core, and final assembly of the regenerated subassembly are the next stages of work the final adjustment, balancing, and control of the boost pressure are in line with the designers’ assumptions.

Regeneration of turbochargers Mielec - Find out now how much you can save!

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Turbocharger regeneration with guarantee

With confidence in the high quality of our work, we include a guarantee with every reconditioned turbine. Any potential complaints about our services are dealt with on a 24-hour basis. We sell by mail order, using either our own transport or reliable courier services. Beforehand, we carefully prepare each reconditioned and checked component for dispatch. Call and find out more!

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