Regeneration of air compressors

Regeneracja sprezarek powietrza

Regeneration of air compressors

Air compressors are used in a wide range of applications, including cars, buses and agricultural machinery. The use of a compressor is also necessary for pneumatic tools.

Various compressor models are available on the market, including reciprocating compressors or vacuum pumps and compressors from a number of manufacturers, for example Knorr, Wabco.

Let’s start by explaining what an air compressor is. A compressor is a motor component that compresses air. The compressor allows the pressure of the gas to be increased and the kinetic energy to be imparted – the compressor forces the gas to flow.

In the case of compressors, we distinguish:

In compressor design, the cooling system must be distinguished. Cooling systems are very important, as the compressors generate a considerable amount of heat during operation. Depending on the compressor model, different types of cooling systems are used.

A very popular type of compressor is vacuum pumps. In the case of vacuum pumps, the suction pressure is very low – maintained at such a level that the suction capacity is maintained, while the discharge pressure is only marginally higher than the ambient pressure.

Air compressor reconditioning - Repair stages

What are the stages of the work carried out during compressor regeneration?


When the remanufactured air compressor is received, the mechanic who installs the compressor must check and unblock all systems such as: the coil, the engine’s odour, the manifold, etc. These measures are necessary to ensure that the reconditioned air compressor operates correctly and without faults.

Regeneration of air compressors
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