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The time after which the car engine needs repair depends on its use. It is usually assumed that a properly used car requires an overhaul of the drive unit after approx. 350-400 thousand km. mileage. During engine regeneration, the specialist focuses on the 3 most important areas - the engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft. Each of the elements is subjected to grinding, sealing or, if necessary, replacing, so that the engine works without any problems after the work is completed."

We carry out comprehensive repairs of diesel and gasoline engines for cars of all brands. When performing engine regeneration, we replace wearing parts by replacing them with new ones. We repair all faults of drive units.

The scope of renovation works includes:

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Chorzelów 210
39-331 Chorzelów
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Traugutta 11
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phone: 608 592 601

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PPHU REG-TRUCK Witold Pisarczyk
39-331 Chorzelów 210
woj. Podkarpackie
NIP: 817-175-66-02

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