Diagnostyka komputerowa

Computer diagnostics

Computer diagnosis of a car involves connecting a special diagnostic computer, sometimes also referred to as a diagnostic tester, to the car. This provides information on the condition of the vehicle, the detailed performance of a number of components and the location and causes of faults. Its use reduces the cost of potential repairs.

In modern cars, internal computers are responsible for controlling the engine and many other components. Thanks to the incorporation of appropriately programmed diagnostic systems, if the set operating ranges are exceeded, the on-board computer will store the error code in its memory, which will then be presented during computer diagnostics at our service centre.

The car’s diagnostic computer exchanges information with the on-board computer in just a few minutes and displays the information relating to detected malfunctions of individual components. This allows our specialists to diagnose the sensitive areas and systems that are most likely to require intervention.

In our company, we use two diagnostic programmes: ALTEST and WABCO.

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