Regeneration of drive axles

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REG-TRUCK has been repairing, reconditioning and overhauling drive axles for many years.

What is a portal axle?

In the construction of the portal axle, we can distinguish a very strong and rigid scabbard with a broken structure. On either side of the vagina are the so-called vaginal releases. In contrast, the central part of the vagina houses the differential and two half-shafts of unequal length.

Portal axles are used in double-decker buses and low-floor public transport buses.

Reconditioning, repair of drive axles

Thanks to many years of experience and systematic training, Reg-Truck products are of very high quality. Thanks to many years of experience and systematic training, Reg-Truck products are of very high quality.

Drive axle

The Drive Bridge is a component of the driveline – the driveline is also the engine, gearbox and clutch.

We can define a drive bridge as an assembly of drive mechanisms and load-bearing components. A drive axle transmits the drive from the drive shaft to the road wheels.

There are three components in the shaft design – the main gearbox, the half-shafts and the differential.

Depending on the position of the shaft relative to the engine, we can distinguish between the rear shaft, the front shaft and the centre shaft.

Repair of drive axles from companies such as:

Thanks to the fact that we employ car mechanics with many years of experience in the regeneration of components in the service and repair of trucks and passenger cars, who use training, Reg-Truck products are of high quality. The certificates held are an indicator of the high quality of the services provided. They were issued by reputable training organizers and are the result of the successful completion of courses related to the diagnosis and repair of brake systems. Sales representatives who, out of concern for the good of our customers, can fulfill orders and deliver Reg-Truck products directly to the customer on an ongoing basis.

Once the damage has been verified, the repair of the portal axle will be based on activities such as:

Drive axles - GUARANTEE

A 12-month warranty is provided for the “Regeneration, repair of drive axles” service

We work with individual clients, as well as with transport companies, authorized services, and car workshops throughout Poland


Many years of experience

Our staff have the relevant training and skills to meet even the most difficult challenges.

High quality services

Professional machines for remanufacturing parts guarantee the highest quality and reliability for the future.

Technical assistance

We are always available to help and answer any questions or concerns our clients may have.



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