Brake pneumatics

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Brake pneumatics of EBS, EAC modulators

In our workshop, we deal with brake pneumatics of EBS and EAC modulators.

EBS – Electronic Braking System is a system that assists the driver. How does it work?

EBS, with the help of electronic control, increases the pressure in the brake pistons, and this contributes to reducing the braking distance by up to several meters. EBS includes an anti-lock braking system, or ABS, and an ASR anti-skid system for the drive wheels. The advantages of EBS are greater driving stability, controlled braking, and therefore greater driving safety.

EAC, on the other hand, is an electronic air preparation unit.

ECAS valve

Another part of our offer is ECAS repair.

The ECAS system is the electronic control of the air suspension, which is responsible for controlling the suspension clearance. The elements that make up the system in question include:

Another of the ECAS components is an electronic air preparation unit, with a compressor. The air compressed in the compressor then goes to the braking system, the pneumatic system or the ECAS supply system.

How does the ECAS system work? Sensor signals are sent to the ECU control unit. Signal processing takes place, after which the ECU performs a comparative analysis of the received signal with the data stored in RAM. If the system detects anomalies, it sends a message ordering a change in the volume of compressed air in the diaphragm suspension bellows.

ECAS is used for buses and trucks as well as semi-trailers and trailers.


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